I'm Mary-Anne Bowring, Group Managing Director of Ringley.

If something has gone wrong, we're passionate about getting things back on track.
To show we mean this we have a money back guarantee.

When something is not perfect, we’ve got a ‘customer turnaround programme’ second to none. As well as a money back guarantee, there’s a Chairman’s Questionnaire with every demand (we ask what one thing would make us better), whether results are good or bad we ask for a conference call to unpack customer’s ideas. After solving problems – there’s, a ‘resolution questionnaire’ and £10 M&S vouchers for participating/helping us improve. See testomonials.

Here's a few examples of things where we've resolved

A customer complained our demands were confusing. We reviewed them, re-worked them and this was the response:

Brian said

"What a vast improvement I'm pleased to say. Clear, concise and easy to understand with no abbreviations, jargon or anything else that could confuse the untrained client/resident. So far so good."

A customer raised an issue that they had and as a result they wanted a refund for the money they paid, we replied to him quickly and gave him the details of his refund, this was his response:

"Thank you very much for your response. It means a lot. To be honest I did not expect it. I feel a bit of relief and a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.I appreciate it. It has been a hard slog trying to get things done here and I am grateful that you are willing to give me a refund. So I would like to give you credit for keeping to your promise that says a lot and I commend you for that. Top marks. My impressions of Rinlgey has improved leaps and bounds. Thanks a lot for listening. It kept me sane. Really grateful to you. Thanks again. Colin."

A customer felt our subletting letters were a bit aggressive, this is what the customer thought after our review:

"Thanks very much for your letter of 16 October (ref GT1009), received today, and indeed for your thoughtful email of 2 October. We appreciate the update and the trouble you have taken to keep us informed. We admire what appears to be the characteristic care that Ringley has taken to address the issue, and are glad that you found our comments useful. All best wishes, Richard."

By being on this page you've already done enough. So tell us who you are and we'll get in touch or phone 0207 267 2900 now.